The Cluen Dynasty Museum was established to preserve the memory of that once infamous and entirely imaginary family of Circus performers: The Cluen Dynasty. This once celebrated clan wowed the world with their fictional feats of agility, fearlessness and physical.
In this room you can see the entire family gathered together in The Family Tree. The Museum is also pleased to have a rare portrait of Derek Cluen, Blind Twin. Until recently Derek's name had been removed from all family records and Cluen experts were split over whether he had actually even existed at all. However with the discovery of his portrait in the basement of Devonlake's School For Blind Boys his existence has been proved.
The Museum would like to thank Bella Lordwarf, leading Cluen Historian, for loaning us Jan's First Tutu, which you can find in the next room. Jan Cluen never did realise her dreams of becoming an aerialist, however she did produce probably the most famous troop of all the Cluens: The Infamous Pyramid Gang. To your left you can see a group portrait of the Pyramid Gang in their heyday, before the tragic death of Fred in an acrobatic accident.
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